Coop Concerts

The Franklin County Musicians Cooperative’s Coop Concerts is a not-for-profit collective of musicians and music lovers who share creativity through live performances, music education, peer networking and promoting Franklin County as a hub of live music.

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All Coop'ed Up!

Saturday, March 23 @ 7pm
Great Falls Discovery Center
2 Avenue A, Turners Falls, MA (Map)
Suggested donation: $5 - $15

Coop Concerts' annual springtime musical celebration is back! COOP members perform an unpredictable mix of folk, rock, country, jazz, and swing, with original compositions and selected gems from various traditions.

With performances by Small Change, Michael Nix, Pat & Tex LaMountain, Joe Graveline, Russ Thomas, R & D, Orlen, Gabriel, & Avery, Steph Marshall, Charlie Conant, Sheryl Stanton, Jim Eagan, and Austin & Elliott

Sponsored by the Coop Summer Concert Series and the Friends of the Great Falls Discovery Center


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The Coop Concerts CD


A collection of 17 songs from your favorite Coopsters!

COOP Concerts is sponsored by Mesa Verde and PV Squared